The Basic Level

The basic tabernacle playset – a lower scale and basic features.

The Intermediary Level

The slightly advanced tabernacle playset – medium size and more elements.

The Advanced Level

Includes access to small accessories and extras that other versions do not have.


Keeping Active for Weeks

The tabernacle playset is likely to keep both you and your little one involved for days in one of the most exciting gaming experiences.

Educational Playset

Religion and history have always gone hand in hand and this playset is the optimal way to entertain and teach your kid.

Fully Featured Game

The playset is fully featured and includes large pieces and small pieces – small details and customization are excellent.

Check Our Tabernacle Prices

There are a few different price plans based on the type of tabernacle playset you want – features, size and design vary.
  • Basic Tabernacle Set

  • $120set
    • Basic features
    • Small parts included
    • Small size
    • Up to 100 pieces
    • Educational brochure

  • The Middle Tabernacle

  • $180set
    • Middle size
    • Intermediary features
    • Up to 150 pieces
    • Parts of all sizes
    • Educational guide

  • The Full Tabernacle

  • $220set
    • Large size
    • Up to 200 pieces
    • Advanced features
    • Educational book
    • Sturdy metallic parts included

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