The Basic Level

The basic tabernacle playset – a lower scale and basic features.

The Intermediary Level

The slightly advanced tabernacle playset – medium size and more elements.

The Advanced Level

Includes access to small accessories and extras that other versions do not have.


Keeping Active for Weeks

The tabernacle playset is likely to keep both you and your little one involved for days in one of the most exciting gaming experiences.

Educational Playset

Religion and history have always gone hand in hand and this playset is the optimal way to entertain and teach your kid.

Fully Featured Game

The playset is fully featured and includes large pieces and small pieces – small details and customization are excellent.

Check Our Tabernacle Prices

There are a few different price plans based on the type of tabernacle playset you want – features, size and design vary.
  • Basic Tabernacle Set

  • $120set
    • Basic features
    • Small parts included
    • Small size
    • Up to 100 pieces
    • Educational brochure

  • The Middle Tabernacle

  • $180set
    • Middle size
    • Intermediary features
    • Up to 150 pieces
    • Parts of all sizes
    • Educational guide

  • The Full Tabernacle

  • $220set
    • Large size
    • Up to 200 pieces
    • Advanced features
    • Educational book
    • Sturdy metallic parts included

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An unbiased review of Lush Kira rabbit thrusting vibrator

The Kira thrusting vibrator is a stunning new thrusting toy from Blush Novelties, a brand that’s expanding quickly and keeps putting out unique toys to spice up your bedroom.

For those of you who are new to sex toys, rabbit vibes are designed to give you a blended orgasm by stimulating both the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time. The long shaft goes inside, and the shorter arm vibrates snugly on the clitoris.


Being a thrusting vibrator, the Lush Kira is perfectly handsfree. Once it’s held in place, your G-spot gets stimulated all by itself. Excellent for us lazy gals! Instead of thrusting, the external (clitoral) arm vibrates. There are 7 vibration modes, and they are absolutely amazing! The clitoral arm is pretty flexible, allowing a rumbling sensation to churn your senses.


In this article, we will be going through each and every aspect of the Lush Kira thrusting vibrator to give you an accurate picture of this sex toy.




Truth be told, the packaging isn’t the best. The toy came in a somewhat-sturdy cardboard box with a clear plastic insert on one side, letting you see the contents in all their glory. The brand could have spent a few dollars on better packaging; however, let’s not spend too much time on it!


Inside the box, you get the Lush Kira vibrator, a USB charging cable, and an instruction leaflet with all the essential info.


Design of the toy


The Lush Kira thrusting vibe has a cute shaft with a broad base to allow for movement. The shaft extends and retracts on itself and has this characteristic circular pattern. On the clit arm, you’ll find two “bunny ears” designed to stimulate the clitoris. Unlike most toys where the ears are side-by-side, the ears on Kira vibe are placed top-to-bottom.


There are three buttons on the vibrator. The top button controls the gyrating and thrusting of the shaft. The middle button controls the vibrations of the ears, and the bottom one is responsible for heating.


Material and Maintenance


The Lush Kira thrusting vibrator’s body is coated with UltraSilk silicone. This makes it body-safe (non-porous, non-toxic, free of phthalates) and the best material you could ask for in a vibrator.

One drawback of this toy is that it’s only splashproof. So you cannot submerge it thoroughly under water or use it in the tub.




I didn’t expect much from the Lush Kira, but it did blow my back pretty hard. Here’s why:


  • The vibrators are buzzy and not just rumbly; that buzz is concentrated in small, pinpoint rabbit ears. With these two points of stimulation around my clit and the vibrations THIS strong, anybody would succumb to repeated orgasms after a solid minute.
  • The curved tip of the Kira vibe targets your G-spot perfectly. With all the pounding, you do feel the head rubbing against your spot. Kudos to the ergonomic design of the Lush Kira sex toy!
  • The vibrator has extra folds right at the base. This corresponds to the region where my vagina is most sensitive; hence this definitely helped ease up my senses.
  • The gyrating shaft brushed against my g-spot perfectly while the thruster pounded me. This made the movements very noticeable.
  • As the thruster pounded me, the vibrating ears tapped on my clit repeatedly, causing dual stimulation leading to blended orgasms.
  • Insane speeds on its fastest mode will definitely leave you craving for more.


Some tips:

With such a vigorously pounding vibrator, it’s always advisable to start slow. Do not insert it all the way in the beginning. Doing this can hurt you by intentionally thrusting into your cervix.

Furthermore, with the wavy ridges on your shaft, you would need some lube on hand. But once you get in the groove, the Lush Kira delivers a long-lasting session of amazing thrusting experience

When this thrusting is coupled with the buzzing clitoral vibrations, the result is phenomenal!


Final verdict:


The Good:

  • Buzzy vibrations.
  • Fast and powerful thrusting
  • Adorable design
  • UltraSilk body-safe silicone
  • Rechargeable


The Bad:

  • Not submersible. Hence can’t be used in tubs or pools.
  • No color choices
  • Noisy on higher modes


The Lush Kira thrusting vibrator from Twice Tonight is definitely not a soft toy. It is a powerhouse product made for girls who want to experience loud, repeated orgasms all night long. Frankly, this is exactly why I adore this toy. Lush Kira is your best bet if you’re looking for a new best friend that will pound you into ecstasy.

However, I wouldn’t recommend this as a starter vibrator. If you’re someone who is just venturing out new into the world of sex toys, you can give this a pass.


I would definitely recommend it to someone who’s more on the adventurous and experienced side. Lush Kira thrusting vibrator will surely satisfy you more than anyone else.

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